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Mission Trip

“God isn’t looking for people of great faith, but for individuals ready to follow Him.”

– Hudson Taylor

Why me?

That is a good question. There will always be people we can think of that are way more qualified than us and that we think would do a better job than us. The truth is though that God may have this opportunity in store for you to grow in some specific area of your life. You can be sure a mission trip will be an great experience in your life.

What would I do?

Most mission trips involve:

-manual labor, ranging from digging a foundation to preparing crafts.

-fellowship, with staff, other workers, campers.

-personal growth, through devotionals, prayer times, being in another culture.

-rest, a little time for recreation is always included!

When to come?

Any time, depends what works for you. In Brazil January and July are the months of school vacation and when we have our week long camps for kids and teens. The rest of the year we have church retreats going on almost every weekend. Summer and winter in Brazil are opposite from the USA (Brazil is below the equator).

Do I need a VISA (travel permit) to come to Brazil?

YES. You can come for two weeks up to 6 months on a tourist VISA.

Transportation, room and board?

-Round trip airfare from wherever you are at to Uberlândia Brazil (airport code UDI).

-Round trip transportation from the airport to Victoria Ministries cost $100.00.

-The cost of room and board per day is of $30.00 (for stays of over 2 weeks the price drops to $20.00 per day).

-We recommend each person bring $10.00 per day for personal needs spending money.

-A trip to a thermal resort close by can be included; cost will vary according to length of stay and time of the year.

Passport, visa, vaccines, insurance?

You will need an American Passport.


A tourist visa to visit Brazil will cost around $165.00

Vaccine wise, all you really need is a yellow fever shot.

Travel health insurance costs around $1.75 per day and we do require you to have it.

For how long should I come?

Since this will be an international trip requiring a considerable investment of funds we require that groups or individuals come for at least 12 days (total days at Victoria Ministries).

For more Information E-Mail:  marcos@victoria.org.br